How long are the tracking logs kept for?

As long as you visit tracking panel at least once every 14 days it’s stored indefinitely if you are not registered user. For registered users you need to visit the panel at least once a days. After this time if there’s no activity on the account tracking will be deleted.

On what url will be pointed the tracked user to if my account has been closed?

The tracked user will be pointed to one of our default urls.

The sniffip application is known to many people. How do I get someone to click the link?

You can use one of the url shorteners such as or to cover the real one. In default we use to create a link but you can use the clean code to use any other web application.

What can I use sniffip for?

There is quite a lot of possible uses. These are most common:

  • Checking if your friend is alive if he/she isn’t in touch for a long time. If you want to know if the person is ok but simply mad at you just send a link to see if he/she would click it.
  • You chat with few people and have a feeling it’s the same person – send a link to each of them and check if it’s the same IP
  • You buy something online and you want to check if the seller lives where he/she claims.
  • You can check where your wife/husband really is when on holiday or training :)
  • Use your imagination what else it can be used for.

Moving existing tracking after new account registration.

To move existing trackings copy tracking ID and in your account dashboard use the option to add existing tracking.


We try to not limit using the service to much but sometimes it’s necessary to take the action and block some trackings to prevent DDOS attacks or when it reduce ease of use to other users.

Is it legal?

Yes. Address IP is always public we just allow you to find it much easier and faster.


Server communication is encrypted via SSL protocol.

Account registration

We ensure our service is giving our users maximum security therefore we are only collecting data that is necessary for account registration (email address, password, username). We do not require to confirm your email address. All passwords in our service are encrypted by Bcrypt algorithm.

IP Addesses

In most situations tracked user will be in 3-4km radius from the point showed on the map (70% accuracy). It won’t show exact street and house number.

IP address based geolocalization

It is possible that geolocalization will show different place on the map than the actual place. It happens when IP address is showing small town or village. We also need to remember that some people may use proxy or vpn. There’s also small possibility that internet provider has assigned one IP address to many places.

Map accuracy

In most situations tracked user will be in 3-4km radius from the point showed on the map (70% accuracy). It won’t show exact street and house number.

We are planning to use more accurate geolocalization database in the future. Unfortunately this kind of databases are commercial and it’s highly possible we will be forced to add it as a paid premium option for users with higher precission needs.